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Photography:  Arabella Smith

Welcome to the Leafy Couture Online Flower School, we’re so excited you’re here!

On this page you’ll find all of the videos and resources exclusively available to you as a member. You can access these 24/7 so you can come back and learn whenever you want.

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Your videos and resources

Latest Content


Scented Bridal Bouquet with Peonies

Here I will show you how to use peonies in a summer hand tied bridal bouquet.


Container inspiration

With the move away from single use plastic and floral foam we look at different containers to help you choose the right one for your work.


Archive Resources


Preparing flowers for a bridal bouquet

How to prepare and condition your flowers to make the perfect bridal bouquet. I talk you through the process we use to make sure your flowers are ready to use.


A florists guide to spring/ early summer foliages

Here I talk you through some foliages that are great to use and the way you can use them.


A guide to contract flowers

In this guide, guest written by florist Dan Atkinson, we teach you about contract flowers. From securing new contracts, flower types that last and differing styles for venues.


How to create a hand tied gift bouquet

In this video you will learn how to construct and package a hand tied gift bouquet.


How to make an urn flower arrangement

Learn how to make a large urn flower arrangement with Leafy Couture founder, teacher and Chapel designer, Sarah Richardson.

Your floristry basics checklist

We cover everything you’ll need to start creating, playing and running your business.

Print off this checklist and take it with you on your next trip to the wholesalers.


How to create an autumn / winter floral arch installation

This tutorial features seasonal flowers perfect for autumn and winter. The same mechanics can be applied all year round for stunning results.

A florist’s guide to instagram

Learn the tips and tricks that Sarah has used to create an Instagram that promotes her brand, sells her services and has a community following of almost 15,000 florists, creatives and flowers lovers.


A guide to spring flowers

In this guide, guest written by florist Dan Atkinson, we teach you how to condition and care for three of Spring’s most beloved and inexpensive flowers.

How to make a hand tied bridal bouquet

This tutorial includes lots of tips and tricks on creating the perfect bouquet as well as Sarah’s approach to running a profitable business.


How to create a table arrangement using chicken wire

In this video, Leafy Couture founder and Chapel Designer, Sarah Richardson creates a romantic, flowing table arrangement inspired by an English country garden.

Using spring flowers, a short shallow urn and chicken wire, you’ll learn how to create the perfect scented floral centrepiece.

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How to make a front facing hand tied gift bouquet

Learn how to help a customer’s budget go a little bit further in this week’s video. Here, Leafy Couture founder and tutor, Sarah Richardson, teaches you how to create the illusion of extra fullness despite working with limited resources.

This tutorial is great for those of your working in a shop who want to create beautiful, big gift bouquets on a budget.


A florist’s guide to self care (and how to make a flat lay for instagram)

Leafy Couture founder and Chapel Designer, Sarah Richardson, talks about the importance of being creative in creative industries.

As well as revealing how she uses play to create content for Instagram.

A florist’s guide to peonies

In this guide, guest written by florist Dan Atkinson, we teach you about all things peony. From buying and conditioning, to how to make the most of these beautiful flowers on your social media.


How to make a flower crown using glue

Learn how to make a cost-effective and highly detailed flower crown using pipe cleaners, glue and succulents.

This tutorial is great for beginners working with glue and for those looking to make unique flower crowns, perfect for festivals, weddings and parties.

A guide to pricing

In this video, Sarah teaches you how to set your pricing. From knowing your market, to using multiple wholesalers and when to make an exception to your basic pricing.


How to make a wired wrist corsage

In this video Sarah will show you how to make a wired wrist corsage.


How to make a trailing summer bridal bouquet

In this video Sarah demonstrates and talks you through the details and practical design elements of creating a beautiful summer trailing bridal bouquet.


How to condition flowers

In this video you will see how to condition a selection of summer flowers.

How to create a garland

In this video you will learn how to create a wired foliage garland.


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