Five things every bride should consider when choosing suppliers at a wedding fair

Leafy Couture at Denton Hall. Photography:  Boho Chic Weddings

Leafy Couture at Denton Hall. Photography: Boho Chic Weddings

Wedding season is well and truly upon us and we’ve started proper with a huge, elegant and decadent wedding at the Rio Grande in Bradford last week. We created more than 70 arrangements of varied height and style, complete with a stage and walk way for the bride and groom. We cannot say how excited we are to show you the photos!

Alongside the arrival of the glorious summer months that keep us so busy creating arrangements and installations for beautiful weddings up and down the country comes wedding fairs. And we’ve got so many to choose from up here in Yorkshire. Between now and May we’ll be attending five wedding fairs at some of Yorkshire’s most prestigious venues, including Denton Hall, Stockeld Park and Escrick Park Estate to name a few.

We love attending wedding fairs. It’s so wonderful to talk to all of you future brides and grooms about your ideas for your big day and there’s always such a buzz in the room with so many passionate supplier in one place. But we also know that these days can be overwhelming and it’s not hard to come away with 50 business cards or flyers but little idea about who you actually liked.

So, to help you make the most of your wedding fair we’ve listed five questions to ask yourself or your potential suppliers on the day. These are essential things to look out for and can apply to any supplier, not just florists. Feel free to add your own criteria; for example, if you’re looking for a flower wall, a flower-covered car or a huge floral columns, it’s important that you find out if your chosen florist has experience creating large floral installations. And if they’ve done something similar in the venue you’re getting married in before, even better!

Five things every bride should consider when choosing suppliers at a wedding fair:

  1. Did they talk with enthusiasm and passion?
    It’s really important that your suppliers are as invested in your day as you are! Do they ask questions? Are they friendly? Are they excited about your vision and do they offer suggestions of their own? Enthusiasm and passion for floristry are key for your chosen florist. It’s this love of floristry that will keep them going the extra mile, making sure every last detail is perfect and easy to deal with.

  2. How experienced are they?
    An experienced florist will have dealt with almost every challenge you could think of. From difficult guests to flooded churches and whole truck loads of missing flowers being experienced means they’ll be able to cope with every hurdle calmly and efficiently. Or at least make sure you don’t see the stress and madness behind the scenes!

  3. What’s their approach to detail like?
    Hopefully the supplier you’re seeing at the wedding fair will have examples of their work nearby or at least some pictures. Look for the small details. If it’s a florist, check that you can’t see any of the mechanics of the work, like wire or foam. Or look for tiny floral details that make their arrangements extra special; have they thought about what the bride will smell when holds her bouquet? Have they considered their arrangement from every angle? Are there any beautiful flowery surprises like little buds or trailing details where you wouldn’t expect them?

    A good florist will be able to create your vision entirely, from the overall look to the tiny details. It’s these small elements that will make your special day even more memorable.

  4. Are they using only the best?
    Quality is so important. Again, look at the work around you or at their photography; a good florist will have looked at every flower and every piece of foliage that’s gone into your arrangements. They should have removed any bruised petals or nibbled at leaves. Like we said before, it’s these little details that will make your day.

  5. How can you contact them?
    If you like a supplier be sure to take a brochure or leaflet. If they’re someone you’re seriously considering, it’s worth taking two minutes before you move on to the next part of the fair to make some notes about what you liked. Better still, create a new note in your Notes app at the start of the day and add photography and annotations as you go.

We’ll be attending the following weddings fairs:

If you’d like to make an appointment to chat to us at any of the fairs above, please don’t hesitate to get in touch using our Contact form. We can’t wait to talk wedding flowers with you!

Leafy Couture at Wharfedale Grange. Photography:  Tim Dunk Photography

Leafy Couture at Wharfedale Grange. Photography: Tim Dunk Photography